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Know the law and its impact on your future!

A single violation of a state or local law could cost you your job, job opportunities, loss of or prevention from receiving scholarships and government grants, and even prevent someone from joining the military. No one wants to be labeled as an offender or law breaker.

The goal of Operation 21, LLC is to educate citizens about state and local laws. Our highly-qualified staff is ready and prepared to bring awareness of the laws in an educational format. Our training programs are taught at local colleges and have been accepted in numerous court systems throughout Metro-Atlanta and North Georgia, including Clayton, Forsyth, Fulton, and Pickens counties.

Laws vary by state and jurisdictions. Operation 21 programs are designed to bring awareness of most Georgia laws, including motor vehicle laws. We also offer a comprehensive education on laws affecting the purchase and sale of alcohol.

Don’t wait until you break a law to learn how they can affect your life.


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